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Yasmine Hosseini – Recto Verso

Yasmine Hosseini


Artist – Developing the craft of the bedroom studio, her music can be described as indie rock but encompasses different styles, such as jazz-rock and dream-pop, influenced by The Smiths, Methyl Ethel or Beach House.


Delicieuse Musique
Record Label - Music Webzine & Website based in France between Paris and Bordeaux, we provide a platform to develop artists opportunities.
Delicieuse Musique Label
Hip Dozer
Record Label - Hip Dozer is a new branch of hip-hop, beats and other sweets instrumental, devoted to his passion: old-fashioned beat-making.
Hip Dozer Label
Nice Guys
Record Label - Nice Guys is delivering the nicest melodies for you on their socials such as alt-music, psych-pop, surf-rock and lofi pop. They also produced some slick records (Hector Gachan, RALPH TV).
Nice Guys Label
Noire & Blanche
Record Label - House sub-label of Delicieuse Musique, releasing the nicest new-comers of the genre like Folamour, Loure or Tell.
Noire & Blanche Label
Crosswalk Records
Record Label - Crosswalk translates its strong identity through the usage of colorful graphics in relation to emotion, which evokes our artists’ music with a spirit of light-heartedness.
Crosswalk Records Label
Sebastian Roca
Artist - Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Sidney finding the spaces between alternative-jazz, latin & soul.   Playlisted on : +317k followers +210k followers +63k followers
Sebastian Roca Artist
Artist - Hip Hop, Lo-Fi music producer based in Manchester.   Playlisted on : +1,2M followers +336k followers +162k followers +132k followers
Konteks Artist
The Quincey
Artist - The Quincey is the continuation of the Italian music scene of the 60's and 70's with a lo-fi sound created with vintage gear. +63k followers +33k followers
The Quincey Artist
Artist - LA producter Tadashi brings his style with soulful and groovy touches but laced with some nostalgia-inducing elements as well. +132k followers +55k followers +49k followers
Tadashi Artist
Border Grime
Artist - Influenced by a wide range of music genres, his productions have an ambient, organic, chilled and experimental dimension to it but can also be quite raw and bass heavy. +132k followers +49k followers
Border Grime Artist
Artist - Hip Hop experimental beatmaker who loves old recording and lofi beats. +1,2M followers +411k followers +263k followers +132k followers
Tohaj Artist
no one’s perfect
Artist - Secret beatmaker from NYC living between his bed and his mpc. +1,2M followers +162k followers +132k followers
no one’s perfect Artist
Artist -  TVSN is an university student, who moonlights as a beatmaker that crafts instrumentals, inspired by and interested in many different genres and styles of music. +1,2M followers +49k followers +132k followers +58k followers +53k followers
T V S N Artist
Artist - Young producer from Denver, delivering hybrid music between the genres as future electronic and lofi hip-hop, spreading his personal vision behind the cosmic name of A S T R O. +132k followers +49k followers +3k followers
A S T R O Artist